Almost Done With the Midwest

So close! Only a few days until the adventure begins. I’m starting this in order to keep everyone I’m leaving updated on the move and transition. But for those of you who DON’T know me and are wondering what the FUCK I’m talking about, please allow me to explain.

I’m Amy. I’m 23, female, and currently, for the moment, living in Minneapolis, MN. However, August 2nd at 6:50 AM my US Airways flight will be headed to NYC. There’s no return trip. I’m in possession of a one-way ticket. Talk about terrifying purchases. I’ve been talking about making the move for EIGHT years. You know that friend you have who always talks about doing that one thing but never does it so you get sick of hearing about it? Yeah, I’m that friend. Hell, I got sick of hearing about it. So, on a vacation there last month, I said “Fuck it. I’m moving.”

Okay, it wasn’t quite that easy. I’m leaving a KILLER job. I’m leaving amazing friends. I’m leaving family. I’m leaving my LIFE. But, the way I look at it, I’m going to find new friends, a new job, new family (so to speak, the real ones can never be replaced), and most importantly, a new life. It’s been too long since I’ve reinvented myself. Hell, it’s been too long since I’ve found myself.

Amazingly, I’m 90% alright with leaving everything behind. That 10% though… It’s a pesky little problem that has a few names attached. There’s a few select people that are hard as hell to leave. It’s to the point that I’ve questioned it multiple times thinking I should just say fuck it and stay here. When it comes down to it, no one or thing will get in my way for this. Sorry bitches, I’ve got a dream to live. (This doesn’t mean I don’t love you. <3)

So, expect regular updates. Expect pictures. Expect crazy stories. (Mom and Dad, I’ll put a warning before the REALLY crazy ones. Trust me, you might want to heed those warnings.) Expect pure joy, expect fear, expect every emotion that you could possibly imagine.

This is my life and dammit I’m going to fucking live it.

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