I feel like Carrie Bradshaw with all these men!

It’s official. I love this city. I went out to this great wine bar last night on the west side with Chris who is the perfect mix of Landon and Ramin with a little mix of a former DCM employee thrown in there. No names on that one since I don’t know him personally and I’m not dragging anyone into it who doesn’t need to be. Haha. We split an amazing bottle of red, not even sure what it was. The waitress said a bunch of Italian sounding words and it was dry and full-bodied and delicious. Unfortunately, he had to work like a normal person, so we wrapped things up at about midnight and I made my way over to the Upper East Side to go chill with Joe, who happens to be a chef who’s been featured in Food & Wine. This guy’s 25. I gotta say, that’s mildly impressive. On my way over there, I stopped off in Times Square to grab a bite to eat and I decided to grab a cab rather than take the subway due to pure laziness which, I must say, was a good idea.

I was in my cab, and another pulls up on my right side. The driver kept looking at me, so finally I give him some acknowledgement. He’s saying to get in his cab and of course, he has a fare, so I’m not going to displace anyone. So he’s all telling me to roll down my window, which I do, and he’s trying to get my number from me. I give it. Haha. So we might be getting together later tonight when he’s off. Not sure, as I am exhausted from yesterday and really lacking motivation to do much of anything. I’m supposed to grab lunch with Adesh tomorrow and if I go out tonight, not sure that I’m going to have energy for that tomorrow. So much to do!

So now for the REALLY good news. I have an interview next week for a sales position here in Queens which would be AWESOME if I got! Starting for a full time position is 60K plus benefits plus commission. Uhm, hellloooo!!!! I could be okay with that! So everyone, keep all your fingers and toes crossed and let’s hope I get this! I could actually ENJOY living here with a starting salary at that level!

That’s all I got for now. I need to go have some crazy adventures to write about soon. I’m good at having those. 🙂

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