Sep 12?

So I’ll be moving either Monday or Tuesday to the other side of Bloomington. Yep, I’m living in the suburbs. It’ll be a good thing though. I’m still relatively close to work. Sort of. Probably won’t be working many 7 AM shifts anymore. Hell, I’ve started liking my 8-5 shifts with an hour lunch in there. I think I may keep those up. And then there’s just that little problem of requiring me to work a night shift. Blah. I’m just so ready to get back in there, get back to what I do, and not to mention get to see everyone again!

I am so incredibly bored. I’m watching the dogs tomorrow night so my dad and Kim can go out. And tonight I want to get out and do something… Unfortunately, I’m still incredibly low on cash and can’t really blow much. I need a boy. Too bad I won’t like any of them. Meh, maybe I’ll go on the hunt anyway, see who I can find.

In the meantime,  I should probably get my butt out of bed.


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