Are you listening? Good.

So I can’t make a playlist without adding commentary on every single song. I’m absolutely incapable of it. Tried and true since the days of mixtapes. I miss mixtapes. Anywho, without further ado… Here’s the whys as to why you have what you have on this playlist of amazingness.

1. Dash Rip Rock – I Saw The Light
This is the original band of Fred LeBlanc who is now the front man for Cowboy Mouth (you’ll hear them later). DRR is still around, and I actually got to see them for the first time maybe a year ago when they opened for CBM. Fred actually pointed me in the direction of this mp3 back in 2000 or so and I fell in looove. There’s nothing spectacular about the song, but I dig the rockabilly vibe they put to it.

2. Atomic Tom – Take Me Out
These guys got famous through a viral video of them performing this song on their iPhones on the subway right after their instruments were stolen. I literally stumbled upon that video and was blown away. I actually haven’t heard the actual version of this song until I added it here. It’s a fun song, nothing too serious. Sortta catchy. I like catchy.

3. Adele – Rolling In The Deep
If you don’t know this woman yet, you should. Amazing voice. This is the song that finally turned me onto her.  It’s one of those songs I’ve always wanted to do at karaoke but would never dare because I would just BUTCHER it. I do that with most anything vocally these days anyway. So much for classically trained.

4. Everything Everything – Suffragette Suffregette
I’m guessing you’re not going to dig this one so much. I got turned onto this by possibly my musical double over in the UK. In the chorus, it totally sounds like they’re saying “Who’s gonna sit on your face when I’m gone? Who’s gonna sit on your face when I’m not there.” Bwahahah! Love it!

5. Missy Higgins – All For Believing
This was the track I wanted you to hear the other night when I pulled the wrong one inadvertently.  She’s Australian, she’s cute, and she puts on a hell of a good show. Had to go see her in 2009ish for an assignment in my Philosophy of Art class. Yep. Philosophy of Art. Go ahead, we both know you got something to say there.

6. Cowboy Mouth – Jenny Says
Two words: FUCK YES! I remember the first time I heard this song. It had to be 1998 or so, I’m living in Memphis and listening to 96.1 The Phantom (RIP). This song comes on one Saturday and my buddy Vinnie happened to be working, so I call him up, ask him who this is because it’s possibly the most amazing thing my 11 year old ears have ever heard and I learn about Cowboy Mouth. I’ve seen them 15 or 16 times now, Fred has been all over the boobs (let’s face it, who hasn’t), and they only have two of the original members. I love this video itself because it’s my BOYS. I miss these guys.

7. Coheed and Cambria – The Suffering
Yep, that’s a dude. Haha. This is just a fun song, and was once upon a time one of my favorites to play on bass. It’s hard as hell, but that was most of the fun. I had completely forgotten about these guys until it came up in the suggested list on youtube. Brilliant musicians.

8. Bitter Roots – White Rabbit
Crappy quality, but friends of mine, and Kristy on vocals is fucking amazing. I’m in this video somewhere, I hear me say something at some point. You see the guy on keys? That’s Stephen, the professor. Yes, the one I was involved with for quite sometime. Asshole. They’re a really fucking awesome jam band. Look for “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” by them. Incredible. Yes, I’m aware it’s a cover.

9. Queen – Friends Will Be Friends
What, you thought I could get through this without including the greatest man to ever live? Don’t think so. And what a great song. I love that in the Wembley concert they finished out the show with song followed by “We Are The Champions.” That was just perfect.

10. Joan Jett – I Hate Myself For Loving You
I’d like to introduce you to my lesbian lover. Oh, you’ve met? Well then…

11. Jem – They
Discovered this one on a road trip up north. It was during a time when I was really into Imogen Heap, Imani Coppola, Fiona Apple… You see the connection? I like moody female vocalists. Apparently she had been around forever which I was not aware of. Another one of those catchy ones. The intro got stuck in my head for ages.

12. Barenaked Ladies – Be My Yoko Ono
Cutest love song about a crazy girl ever. And these guys are just fun. They’re from Canada. That also explains a lot.

13. John Mayer – My Stupid Mouth
Ahhh, early John Mayer. Before he was famous. Before the radio overplayed him. Back when I was cool because no one else had heard of him. This was the first song I ever heard, quickly followed by “No Such Thing.” I promised this man my firstborn once upon a time. I was 14. You know, a decade ago. :p This is a song I can completely identify with. Pretty sure you know why by now.

14. Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
This is just one person!!!! No backing, no nothing. Just Immi! I love love love her. Most amazing vocalist I think I’ve ever come across. Female, anyway. This song blows me away to this day.

15. Barenaked Ladies – Brian Wilson
I needed a filler… but really this song done live is phenomenal. I couldn’t find a decent recording of it though. Making this got me back into these guys. In a major way. I suppose once my Queen obsession wears off, I’ll have these boys on repeat for a while.

16. Bitter Roots – There and Back Again
Alright, I figured I should throw in an original. The boys are from Apple Valley. Went to school with Kristy, overlapped work at DQ for a summer, and then my fucking douchebag of a professor joins the band and all of a sudden he pollutes my circle of friends. Gah. But, they’re an amazing band, and Stephen really is amazing on keys. He’s been playing since he was 5, and oh my god… I can orgasm from listening to just him. Now him on the other hand, never got me off once in five years. Bastard.

17. Cowboy Mouth – This Much Fun
This was a last minute add. I had to put it before the last song because these two have always inherently been paired together in my mind. And it’s my favorite break up anthem ever. It’s a big fuck you, which I adore. I am a cold hearted bitch, aren’t I?

18. Cowboy Mouth – So Much The Better
Oh look, it’s my boys again! This is a much newer song, 2005. You’ll notice the difference between this and “Jenny.” They’ve completely revamped. This album was a sore spot for everyone. The band was in shambles, Fred pretty much recorded the thing himself and labeled it with their band name because Griff has a couple songs on here. Nope, not bitter at all.


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